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Hosted Call Center Solutions

Your Business Challenges:

Are you worried about: Reliability? Maintaining focus on your core business? Rising capital expenditures and monthly maintenance fees? Aging IT systems?

TelStar Hosted Can Help You!

TelStar Hosted is the only multi-vendor hosted call center solutions provider, with state-of-the-art Communication-as-a-Services (“CaaS”) via the cloud for companies with inbound call center, outbound call center or blended call center service requirements.

Leverage the Cloud!  Take advantage of our hosted contact center services: We manage the technology supporting your call center for you, so that you can focus on and invest in your core business. Our hosted call center services offer a scalable and variable cost alternative to capital expenditure.  You won’t be alone.  Hosted Call Center SolutionsAnalysts at Gartner, Forrester, Frost & Sullivan and Datamonitor all estimate that the market for hosted call centers service will grow at a compound annual rate of around 30% to 2015.

TelStar Hosted Services Inc., “Your Call Center in the Cloud!”’s hosted call center solutions are:

  • The Latest in Call Center Software Technology
    • Customizable User Interfaces
    • Real-time Dashboards
    • True Predictive Dialing
    • Full Media Integration: Queue Fax, Email, Chat, Video Chat, and outbound SMS
  • Reliable and Stable
  • Scalable and Flexible
  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable, with Pay as you Go Options

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Reliable and Flexible: TelStar Hosted Services, Inc. lets you scale based on your needs and adapt to your Hosted Call Center Solutionsgrowth. We use load balancing on multiple servers to perform better and faster, provide added security, and deliver full fail over and disaster recovery capability. We are housed in a fully secure, SAS70 type II certified facility (updating to SSAE 16), providing reliable and secure services to support your call center needs.

Web-Based Call Center Software: TelStar Hosted Services, Inc. offers a web based application, providing all contact center functions from within a standard web browser. TelStar Hosted’s VoIP solution can be accessed from anywhere in the world, on any computer connected to the internet, with all the necessary security. There is no requirement to install a local application on each workstation, and you can deploy a single unique solution for all your locations, orienting your calls to particular skill sets to the proper locations to provide superior service. TelStar Hosted works well for companies who wish to decentralize their operations, use remote or home agents, or replace complex legacy third party applications.

Virtual Call Center Solution: Our call center services provide hosted predictive automatic dialer software, for inbound, outbound or blended calling, or hosted IVR voice messaging. Our virtual call center will help you to trade capital expenditure for manageable monthly expenses, increase your productivity and contact rates, and leverage our IT team so you can stay focused on your core business and “keep call center out of the board room!”

Partnership with VOCALCOM

With 17 offices worldwide, VOCALCOM S.A. is a global leader in manufacturing and implementation of call center technology solutions. Over 5,000 call centers and over 650,000 agents in 3,500 companies spread over 41 countries are using Vocalcom’s dialer features around the world. TelStar Hosted powered by Vocalcom is the only hosted call center application available today which integrates your customer’s preferred means of communication through unified management of multimedia applications: inbound and outbound calls, emails, chat, video chat, fax, and outbound SMS.

Let us help you to acquire, grow and retain customers — leave the IT to us!

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